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Christopher Myers

Christopher Myers
Nobody Is My Name

Public Opening:
Tuesday, February 12, 2019 | 6:00-8:00 PM

Christopher Myers: Nobody is My Name, is the artists first solo exhibition in Los Angeles and the opening exhibition of TMR’s 2019-2020 curatorial cycle Histories of a Vanishing Present, which examines a generation of artists for whom identity is not a given, but rather an ongoing and situationally specific process of negotiation. 

Nobody Is My Name approaches this complex process of identity building through the experience of travel, foregrounding the ways in which a sense of self is assembled– at times smoothly, at times disjointedly- from interactions with people and places around the world.  Christopher Myers has been committed for years to transforming our understanding of globalization and the multiple realities it creates.  This exhibition features different bodies of work that highlight unique moments, histories, and contexts, from a sculptural and photographic tribute to African-American sideshow performers to a collaboration with traditional shadow puppet makers in Jogjakarta and a Odyssey-inspired epic-banner created with weavers in Egypt. From these kaleidoscopic points in time and space, a dispersed subjectivity emerges, an identity defined not by a single idealized origin but by the cycle of its own making and unmaking.  Through his practice, Myers proposes a way of interacting with the world based not on where we are from, but on all the places we have been and might go.

Nobody Is My Name is organized by The Mistake Room and curated by César García-Alvarez, TMR Executive & Artistic Director.

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